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Marriage of Convenience — open heart surgery isn’t as bad as you might imagine

California Dreamin’ — It’s closer than you think from L. A. to Jerusalem

A Stranger Among Us — The lesson of a smile from the end of the world

A Passage to Hungary — The meeting of east and west is never easy

Shylock in Jerusalem — The gospel according to William Shakespeare

How to End a Conversation — Warning!  Big Brother is checking your grammar

The Midpoint of the World — A message to the future and an echo from the past

One Step Closer to Eden — A testament to creation in Glacier National Park

Near-Death Experience — The night my world came apart

Of Doors and Windows — Something there is that does not love a door

Between Heaven and Earth — Visions of another world

A Walk in the Park — The hidden perils of England’s Lake District

Strangers on a Train — More adventures from Hungary

An Ode to Almustafa — Traveling the lonely road of Truth

The House — Confessions of my flirtation with Ralph Nader

Both Sides, Now and Then — If I don’t know who I am, no one else can either

All the Things that Might have been — Reflections on fate and freedom

Anywhere is my Destination — We have to know where we’re going if we hope to get there

Looking up Through the Branches — The view from a tree house

Excuses — Poetic pondering

Footnotes — Poetic pondering

Wish You Were Here — More poetic pondering

Foxtails — Poetic pondering

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