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cn-coverCelestial Navigation:
Charting our course through life’s challenges by the light of the Jewish holidays

There’s more to Chanukah than potato pancakes, more to Passover that matzah bread, and more to Rosh Hashonah than blowing a ram’s horn.  The symbolism of ancient ritual hides the depth and beauty of ancient wisdom if we don’t dive beneath the surface.

Discover the tapestry of spiritual enlightenment woven across the fabric of creation in this book of penetrating essays.


In the slippery grammar of Biblical Hebrew, there is technically no present tense. Although we translate ani holeich contextually as “I am walking,” the words translate more literally as “I am a walker.” This is not mere semantics. According to Jewish philosophy, there is no present; rather, we exist in a state of constant transition between the past and the future. Man is not meant to be static. His existence is one of perpetual re-creation, in which he is charged with the often overwhelming task of transmuting the lessons of experience into the choices that will define the person he will become. His goal is to transform himself, over the course of a lifetime, from an animalistic creature of the flesh into a divine being guided by the promptings of his soul.

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