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Radio Guest Spots

John B. Wells on Caravan to Midnight — 9/7

Steve Curtis:  Ethics of our Day — 1/9

Empire Broadcasting:  Ethical Imperatives — 1/3

Bill Martinez:  Political Correctness and the Culture Wars (interview begins about 07:00) — 10/19

Bill Martinez:  Faith and Politics (interview begins about 32:30) — 8/12

Steve Curtis:  “The Danger of Democracy” — 6/8

Gail Fallen:  “The Danger of Democracy” (Interview begins about 3:00) — 5/31

Bill Martinez:  Passover and the responsibilities of freedom, the history of freedom, and the culture wars that threaten the values and the foundations of civilization (interview begins at 33:00) — 4/27

Gail Fallen:  “Terrorism and the rise of nationalism” (interview begins at 20:00) — 3/22

Steve Gruber:  “May I  have your order, Mr. Bacon Double Cheeseburger”  (interview begins about 26:00) — 3/11

Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells:  Ancient wisdom for modern times (interview starts at about 1:40:00) — 2/19

Bill Martinez:  Double Standards and the Death of Civil Society (interview starts at 33:30) — 2/17

Solomon Success with Jason Hartman:  King Solomon’s wisdom and recipes for success — posted 1/27

Video interview with Perry Atkinson on The Dove:  The Oscars and Racism (Interview starts at 24:00) — 1/25

Christal Frost:  Black Actors Matter:  The Oscars and Racism — 1/22

Clint Bellows: Thanksgiving — Privileges vs. Responsibilities (interview starts at 19:45) — 11/25 

Bill LuMaye:  Individual rights vs. traditional values and moral boundaries — 11/6

Ross Kaminsky:  Einstein, Diversity, and Identity Politics — 11/5

Crane Durham:  History and Politics of Mideast Violence — 10/20

James Lowe:  How to Choose a Candidate (interview starts at 18:45) — 10/16/15

James Lowe:  The Prophecy of Theodore Roosevelt (interview starts at about the 3:00 mark) — 10/9/15

The Scott Sands Show: The Societal Effects of Political Correctness — 10/2/15

The Jordana Green Show — Rosh Hashanah and what it means to judge — 9/10/15

The Bill Martinez Show — Contemporary values and the keys to happiness (interview starts at about the 42:00 mark) — 9/8/15

The Jordana Green Show — The Ashley Madison Hack:  Integrity and Consequences — 8/24/15

The Christal Frost Show:  AshleyMadison and why we’re too lazy to cheat properly — 8/21/15

The Dan Mason Show:  What Donald Trump and Ferguson, Missouri, have in common — 8/15/15

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