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Dawn to Destiny

4c3e06f995045.imageDawn to Destiny:
Exploring Jewish History and its Hidden Wisdom

A comprehensive overview of Jewish History from Creation through the redaction of the Talmud, illuminating the intricacies and complexities of Torah tradition and philosophy according to the sages and classical commentaries, spanning the length and breadth of Jewish experience to resolve many of history’s most perplexing episodes, offering profound insights and showing their relevance to life in the modern world.

How did the sin of Adam transform mankind and the world? How were the prophecies of Noah fulfilled through the rise of the Greek Empire? Why did lifespans shrink so dramatically after the Flood?  How did the builders of the Tower of Babel believe they could wage war against G-d? Why did the Torah have to be given in both written and oral form? What was King David’s transgression regarding his involvement with BasSheva? Why did some Jews oppose the construction of the Second Temple? How can we trust the transmission of Torah if our scholars engaged in such fierce disagreements? These and many other questions are answered in this unique volume.

An invaluable resource for scholars and laymen of all spiritual disciplines. A priceless tool for education and outreach.

For excerpts and ordering information click here.

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  1. […] Navigation investigates the deeper meaning of the Jewish holidays.  My major opus to date is Dawn to Destiny, and overview of Jewish history and philosophy from Creation through the era of the Talmud, […]


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