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A Crucible for Silver

Crucible cover picA Crucible for Silver:
Forging a brighter future for ourselves and our children

A collection of insightful essays mining contemporary issues and current events for practical wisdom, guidance, and inspiration.


The story goes that a woman came across a similar verse (Malachi 3:3) describing the Almighty as the Purifier of silver and gold. Interested in understanding the deeper meaning of the prophet’s imagery, she visited a metal smith to ask about the process of refinement.

The smith explained that gold is a relatively hearty metal, which can be left in the melting pot without fear of compromising the quality of the final product. In contrast, the delicate nature of silver requires that it be held over the fire by hand until the precise moment when it is ready to pour. If it remains on the fire a moment too long, it may be irrevocably damaged.

“But how can you tell when the precise moment has arrived?” the woman asked.

“When it is time to pour,” replied the smith, “the silver shines like a mirror. I know it is ready,” he continued, “when I can see my own reflection on its surface.”

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