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Proverbial Beauty: Secrets for Success and Happiness from the Wisdom of the Ages is about miracles – but not the kind of miracles one might expect.

“Where is the miracle in shame, in misdirection, in immaturity or in imperfection, for example? Therein lies the story of how success and happiness can be honed not from just the positives in life, but from the teachings of negativity.”

The author ‘met’ Mona Lisa when he was 23, viewing her proverbial beauty and sensing an accompanying message of timeless wisdom. As he fueled his infatuation with reflections on other timeless ‘secrets’, he evolved a philosophy derived not just from the works of great artists and thinkers, but from the trappings and technology of modern times: the Internet, radio, popular quotes, and inspirational writings. The fusion of all these elements into a cohesive reflection on cultural traditions makes Proverbial Beauty an inspection highly recommended for thinkers who would probe the roots of decision-making processes, perceptions of happiness and tranquility, and how to ‘become’ the Mona Lisa herself.

If all this sounds like a higher-level blend of spiritual and philosophical thinking – it is. Those seeking a light read and an easy path should look elsewhere. Proverbial Beauty is not for those seeking a smooth ride so much as those willing to consider the elements that go into the notion that we can ‘blend reality to our own purpose’.

Lessons of morality, the lasting lessons of the Mona Lisa figure, and real definitions of love and happiness are provided in a blend of proverbs and analysis that will delight those thinkers who want a lively discourse of possibilities and alternative visions.

D. Donovan, Senior Book Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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 “…a conversation with this author would be awesome because he is so knowledgeable and forthcoming in his lessons and thoughts.”

A great book.  The author is really good at writing and I could just imagine listening to him tell a story in real life.  The book is really geared on keeping your mind working all the way through, and long after I finished this I was still theorizing and giving myself a few aha moments.  I also think that getting into a conversation with this author would be awesome because he is so knowledgeable and forthcoming in his lessons and thoughts.  I would highly recommend spending time on this book.

– Cassandra McCann

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Anyone who is not familiar with Rabbi Goldson’s [writings] should remedy that defect immediately.  He is a truly sparkling writer — original, deep, learned, and witty.

– Jonathan Rosenblum, internationally published columnist

One of my favourite things ever since I was in my early teens is that I have been attracted to books with quotes, poems and ancedotes. Books that can inspire us to be better than what we are or who we have become. One that was given to me recently to review was called Proverbial Beauty which is aimed at both genders but reading through it , I believe women would find more use for it than males. This book provides readers with ancedotes, stories and evidence that will help them to discover themselves and take a good hard long look at them and reflect on how they too can become a better person.

“…if you are finding your life a bit lacking in the wisdom department, then check out your copy of Proverbial Beauty, which is aimed to set you on the right path…”

This book unlike a lot of the New Age type self-help guides that I have read, I quite enjoyed as it includes the wise words of historical figures and evidential wisdom from people such as King Solomon whom we all knew as the Wise King from the Bible to Leonardo Da Vinci who painted the Mona Lisa painting which adorns the front cover of the book to more modern day people like author Michael Crichton and Jewish Rabbi Akiva and President Richard Nixon. So readers, if you are finding your life a bit lacking in the wisdom department, then check out your copy of Proverbial Beauty which is aimed to set you on the right path and as you will discover as you open the pages and flip through the many chapters , that often what you view as conventional and everyday wisdom can often be the wrong way of being wise and that sometimes in order to find yourself and discover your own little pot of wisdom – you have to think outside the box and be a tad unconventional and you will notice more people following your examples as it often takes just one person to change their ways and the rest will follow.
Readers, what do you say? I say , Wise up and read your copy of Proverbial Beauty by Yonason Goldson today, and you will be on your way to becoming the wisest person you can be and reaching your full potential of success and happiness.

Paula Phillips – The Phantom Paragrapher

The book is amazing and I found myself taking notes before the first chapter even began. This book is full of wisdom and is beautifully written in a way that makes it relatable to everyone. It took me awhile to read through because I was note-taking and such. It will be on my shelf and in my “to read” pile for years to come!! Love it!

– Marisa Slusarcyk, Rogue-Reviews

Profound and rich in its language, with content that will make readers ponder. The author merges the wisdom of Solomon into Mona Lisa’s youth masterfully. The author delves into human relationships and all the chapters enhance readers’ wisdom and guide them onto the right path.

For readers who are looking for tranquility to savor their daily lives, this book will give them the clarity to move forward. Emotional and spiritual maturity depend on how one looks at and how one handles daily life. There are many tips on how to handle life, despite the hardships, losses and disappointments, and always be smiling.

– Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

This is a book that should be handled differently, it’s a book that brings awareness, helps to create self awareness, become a stronger YOU…
This book provides readers with anecdotes, stories and proof or evidence to support. What makes it even better is [the author’s] approach. Yonason Goldson just doesn’t slam you with a bunch of you should do this or that, or if you accomplished so and so task good job; he shows you that throughout history [we] have never been alone in what we are feeling, as many before have gone through similar struggles, hardship and loss, [but that] does not mean we can’t be the best version of ourselves or try.
It’s a book worth reading. A book worth checking out. Cause in the end if it’s in the work place, in our own personal relationships or how we handle or discuss things, we may all need a little friendly non-judgmental advice on how we can improve.

– Brittany Perez, Oh My Bookness

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