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Main Keynote:  The ROI of Ethical Outlooks 
Creating a culture of engagement, loyalty, and prosperity by seeing ourselves as others see us

According to estimates, as much as $550 billion in productivity is lost every year in the United States because of employee disengagement and $359 billion due to workplace conflict.

Can you afford not to take action?

In any community — whether corporate, congregational, or civic — the secret of success lies in creating a culture of mutual commitment, cooperation, and trust.  And it all depends on clear and honest communication — which starts when we recognize that others often see us very differently from how we see ourselves:

  • Do we act appreciative or entitled?
  • Do we offer counsel or belittlement?
  • Do we inspire confidence or suspicion?

Awareness of how we come across to others allows us to forge healthy relationships, promote productive meetings, and transform a group of individuals into a cohesive team.  This keynote will give you:

  • Entertaining stories and real world examples of ethical conflicts
  • A guide to foster cooperative spirit when dealing with others
  • A strategy for holding ourselves to a higher standard of personal responsibility

Why choose Yonason Goldson for your event?  Because his presentation will leave you with:

  • A road-map for enhancing engagement, loyalty, and productivity
  • The skills to develop ethical speaking and thinking
  • The motivation to apply the principles of ethical communication for personal and professional success

Cultural Ethics — How diversity can bring us together and make us stronger

Have you ever wondered why opposites attract?  There’s a reason why we dream of exotic places and find fascination in fantasy.  But when the unknown gets too close for comfort, enchantment quickly turns into anxiety.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  The differences between us provide endless opportunities for collaboration and success.  Explore how changing our mindset toward differences can change our fortunes and our future.

Fix your Broken Windows  Little tweaks that make big differences in personal and professional culture.

We all know that small problems eventually turn into large problems, that benign neglect is rarely benign, and that the more any behavior becomes part of a culture the harder it is to change, no matter how corrosive it may be.

But if little problems grow large, why can’t little fixes turn the tide?  Sometimes all we need is to be reminded to do the things we know we should be doing already.  Practice becomes habit, and good habits are the harbinger of real positive change.

Use the contact form or reach me here for pricing and availability:
Tel: 314-489-5380
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