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Open Season on Everyone

47514117.cachedLet me be clear.  I am no fan of Ann Coulter.

The right-wing firebrand disdains all forms of moderation in both tone and worldview, whether she is tweeting expletives about Jews or hailing Donald Trump’s immigration plan as a new Magna Carta.  When it comes to discrediting the intellectual and moral integrity of conservatism, nobody does it better.

Even Ms. Coulter’s political mentor, arch-conservative David Horowitz, disavowed her for attempting to resurrect as a martyred crusader Senator Joseph McCarthy, whose self-serving campaign against communists real and imagined represents one of American history’s ugliest eras.

For my part, I’ve never gotten out of my head Ms. Coulter’s inexcusably cruel and utterly gratuitous swipe at Margot Kidder in a 2004 column about the controversy that eventually ended the career of CBS anchor Dan Rather.  With neither context nor pretext, Ms. Coulter’s savaging of an admired actress struggling with bipolar disorder was even more contemptible that Donald Trump’s mocking of disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski.

So it may be simple karma that Ms. Coulter received as good as she dishes out at last weekend’s Comedy Central roast of actor Rob Lowe.  Her mere presence on the dais apparently marked her as fair game, making her the target of more vicious barbs than the man-of-honor himself.

But karma does not excuse the cast of notables who turned what should have been good-natured (if adolescent) banter into a lynching party.

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