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Sage Advice from Eeyore

I came across this on Candid Market Networking.  Definitely worth the time.

0d2a42fdc29ae1dea16172839023a32f“Eeyore is a very misunderstood character.  Everyone thinks he is just the sad, depressed character.  We can learn a lot from him though.  He goes out of his way to help his friends.  When Owl loses his house, he searches high and low for a new house.  He really thinks about all living things around him, and treats them how he would want to be treated.  He loves unconditionally, and finds beauty in everything, including weeds.

“The reason he appears so depressed to all of us, is that he expects the same attitude from everyone around him, and is consistently let down.  He would do anything for his friends, yet they can’t even seem to remember when his birthday is.  Owl didn’t even recognize his tail when he found it.  It became an accessory for his new door bell.  Eeyore, like all of us, wants to be noticed.  He wants to be loved.  When Pooh and Christopher Robin think of him, and then help him, he is so happy, he frolics around the forest, waving his tail as he goes.”

In other words, we should moderate our expectations of others while expecting everything from ourselves, focus on our responsibilities to those around us instead of fixating on what we think others should do for us, and try persistently to bring joy to others, which will make us far happier than indulging in the pursuit of our own happiness.

Read the whole post here.

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