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Grump on Trump

nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runnersI will not vote for Donald Trump,
I do not like him on the stump;
I will not make myself a chump
I will not vote for Donald Trump.

I do not like him in debate
I do not like his words of hate;
I do not like this fake Machiavelli
I’d sooner vote for Megyn Kelly.

I will not vote for one so crude
No matter whom he can delude;
I will not vote for one so crass
To deepen our country’s moral morass.

I don’t care if he’s tough and rich
He’ll drive the country into a ditch;
I don’t care if he’ll build a wall
Since mayhem will engulf us all.

I won’t support him against Bernie,
Not against Bert, not against Ernie;
Not even if you pillory me
Not even against Hillary, see?

mickey_mouse___the_sorcerer__s_apprentice_by_xvrcardoso-d52hweqThere must be someone to prevent us
From choosing this sorcerer’s apprentice;
I’ll give my vote to some third party
Even if it’s led by Moriarty.

I don’t care how his groupies swoon
Even as each day he changes tune;
I don’t care what he’ll promise to do
Since not a word he says is true.

I will not vote for Donald Trump
To make America a toxic dump;
Not even with a stomach pump
Will I give my vote to Donald Trump.


  1. Mike says:

    Your views on Trump, I must agree,
    It’s hard to understand why most can’t see,
    That his words are meaningless and lack the truth,
    He has proven himself to be uncouth.
    To vote for him, one should ask why,
    When what he says is all a lie.
    As far as our future, I must ask,
    Is this the man who can complete the task?
    To lead our country to be safe and strong,
    To vote him in would be dead wrong!
    In closing, I must agree about Donald Trump,
    He’s not a president, but is a chump.


  2. Jon says:

    Politicians are all liars and fakers beholden to others. Trump is at least honest about what he is. I’d risk him over anyone else at this point. He’s at least shown that he can wheel, deal and accomplish. I think you all are the chumps, sorry to say.


  3. donna sherwood says:

    really Rabbi how sophomoric and actually wrong. May I ask if you supported the serial rapist, sexual batterer and mutilator in chief ? Trump is fresh no doubt about it. Or perhaps the sexual abusers in the Kennedy family ? I saw a secret service agent being interviewed some years back by mike wallace discussing things he saw during that administration. Hillary Clinton is an anti semite thus described by Dick Morris having been personally exposed to her. If you think any democratic administration is going to be pro Israel I believe you may also be deluded.


  4. Chrissie Rush says:

    The poem is vile.
    I’ll stand with the majority at AIPAC who thunderously applauded Mr. Trump.


    • Once again, I’m astonished that supporters of Trump can fail to recognize the hypocrisy of using words like “vile” to describe anyone who dares disagree with them. Then again, that is precisely what they find attractive in their candidate, so why am I surprised?


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