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Located in Leoben, Austria this jailhouse was designed by world-renowned architect, Jospeh Hohensinn. The building was completed in 2004. One of the nice things about this jail is that it doesn’t allow for overcrowding. It is able to fit 205 inmates at the absolute maximum.

Completed in 2004, this jailhouse in Leoben, Austria, was designed by world-renowned architect, Jospeh Hohensinn. With a maximum occupancy of 205 inmates, overcrowding is not a problem.

Paradise /ˈpærəˌdaɪsn., late 12c., from Old French paradis (11c.), from Late Latin paradisus, from Greek paradeisos.

A place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement officers carry firearms.

And, contrary to popular belief, such a place already does exist:

It’s called “Prison.”

Hat tip:  Todd Rush and Steve Glassman

Limited Edition

imgresWould you pay $200 for a really pretty $50 bill?

Well, apparently Starbucks thinks that someone will.  Their laser-etched gift card with floral details and ceramic finish might seem a little pricey; but hey, Mom’s worth it.  Right?

If you market it, they will come.