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AshleyMadison — Why we’re too lazy to cheat right

Logan_LG6Everything’s easy.  Everything’s instant.  Is it any wonder that we want everything to be effortless and risk-free — even our acts of disloyalty.

Ironically, patrons of AshleyMadison made their infidelity all the more vulnerable to discovery, believing they could benefit from technology without exposing themselves to the inevitability that anything online eventually finds its way into the public arena.

Technology should free us to enjoy our lives more richly. Instead, it teaches us to be increasingly undisciplined, leeches meaning and purpose from our existence, and deadens us to the simple pleasures that make us truly happy.

Hear my guest interview on the Christal Frost Show discussing why we look for happiness in all the wrong places:


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  1. Sydney Chase says:

    Great interview. Now, you’ve got to get on a show as a regular guest.



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