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Frank Reagan for President

Frank Reagan

Highly principled, hard as nails, even-keeled, dedicated to higher values, devoted to the welfare of the people he serves, and fiercely loyal to those who serve under his command.

If he’s not available, I’d settle for Tom Selleck.  Like Ronald Reagan, at least he would know how to act like a president.


  1. Reblogged this on Proverbs and Providence and commented:

    It’s election day in Missouri, and I don’t care what the polls say… I’m not giving up hope. #VoteForFrank


  2. The great morass of bureaucracy has designed a process which can prevent a real and true, democratic election. Vote your conscience or write in Mickey Mouse. Will it matter? There are many questions and few answers. Keep your powder dry.


    • I think what matters is adding one’s small, still voice to the cry for reason. It may seem futile, but if we see that others are receptive to authenticity then we might push a little harder and, eventually, make a difference.


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