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Six Misconceptions that Stifle Success

azmgWhy aren’t we more successful?  Why aren’t we happier?  Why do we have so many problems?  Why can’t we get along?

We might blame it all on any number of things:

  • Texting
  • The internet
  • Political correctness
  • Self-esteem philosophy

The truth is, all of these are symptoms of the real problem:

The devaluation of self-discipline and personal responsibility.

More and more, we live in a culture that teaches us to expect what we want without effort and without concern for consequences.  We know this doesn’t apply at work or in the gym; we should know that it doesn’t apply in school, in relationships, or in government.

But the social messages of immediate gratification and entitlement have seeped in everywhere, most of all into the one area on which all others depend.

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