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All the things that might have been

earths_fractal_brain_2What happens to the road not taken?  Does it wait for us to return, or does it blink out of existence?  And if we do return, is it truly the same road, since we ourselves have changed?

What about us:  do we divide into two at every fork, with one alternate version of ourselves taking one way and another the other?  And if that is so, might we reconnect further down the path of life, or crisscross, or switch back onto the road we left untraveled?

What of the people we meet along the way?  Are we destined to meet them no matter which road we follow, or do future friends and cohorts come into existence and disappear with every choice we make?  Will we find our soul mates whichever path we choose, or do different choices make us different people with different souls and different soul mates?

If you’re expecting me to answer these questions, you might as well stop reading here.  I have no more idea than you do, and maybe less.  But I do have a story about crossing paths and hidden possibilities.

Read the whole essay here.


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