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Stop Waiting for Success… Just Ask!

Young Student Stressed and Overwhelmed asking for Help

Does this sound familiar?

You’re running out the door to take your wife to the airport, only to discover you have a flat tire. You don’t have time to wait for a taxi or the auto club. You want to ask your neighbor for a ride, but you’re afraid it’s too much of an imposition.

Or… you see someone on the subway reading a book by your favorite author or about a topic you find fascinating. You want to strike up a conversation, but you’re afraid of intruding on the other person’s privacy.

Or… you have a lead on a promising job opportunity, and an acquaintance has dealings with your prospective employer. You want to ask her to make an introduction, but you don’t want to put her in an uncomfortable position.

So what are you afraid of:

  • Rejection?
  • Overstepping boundaries?
  • Being a pest?
  • All of the above?

Sure, there are boundaries, and sometimes we do cross them. So if these scenarios arise often, you might need to examine whether you’re overly needy.

But most of us aren’t looking for such situations; they just happen. And when they do, here’s the key: just ask!

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