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Embrace the Unknown and Discover Joy

Mystery-BoxQuestion #1: You’re at an auction.  Item #12 is a set of six glass goblets.  Item #13 is a mystery set of either four or six glass goblets… you’ll only find out once the bidding is over. Which item is likely to go for a higher price? Needless to say, you would be willing to pay more when they know you’re getting six goblets than you would if you might end up with only four.

Question #2: You’re working at a job for which you will be paid $20. The person next to you is doing the identical job, but doesn’t know whether he will be paid $10 or $20. Who is going to work harder? Needless to say, you will, since you know that you’ll be paid at least as much and maybe twice as much as the other guy.

But guess what? Research shows just the opposite.

Click here to read the whole article.

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