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Do we really want a leader?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKgAAAAJGE4ZTY0YzkzLWMyOTctNGNmYi1hMDA4LTdkYjg1YmJlYTYzYgThe second Republican debate provided three indisputable facts:

  1.  The mainstream press can barely disguise its bias in favor of the democrat party.  Virtually every question was designed to promote inter-party bickering rather than elicit either policy positions or evidence of executive experience and aptitude.  Whether in the debate itself or beyond, the press devotes disproportional attention to Donald Trump, not because he is the front-runner, nor even because he’s good for ratings, but because he discredit the Republican party in the eyes of most Americans with his ill-mannered and self-serving bluster.
  2. Far too high a percentage of the electorate lacks any real understanding of the responsibility implicit in the right to vote.  Donald Trump has insulted a war hero, insulted women, insulted his fellow candidates, and has skirted giving meaningful responses to specific questions while telling us all to trust how great a job he will do.  That he maintains such a commanding lead over so many truly qualified candidates is perhaps the most depressing aspect of the primary race so far.  True, represents a reaction against political corruption and political correctness.  But incivility is not the opposite of either.
  3. Carly Fiorina stands head and shoulders above every other candidate.  She is well-informed, specific and to the point, poised and articulate, strong yet civil.  She’s exactly what the country needs, and she should be leading by a mile.

When the Children of Israel approached Samuel the Prophet to ask for a king, Samuel responded with anger and rebuke.  It was not the people’s request that was wrong; it was their reason.

“Give us a king,” the people said, “like all the other nations.”

The surrounding nations submitted to the rule of kings to absolve themselves of the responsibility of making choices and of the consequences of their actions.  A Jewish king was supposed to inspire the people to live up to their mission as children of the Almighty.  But the people wanted to take the easy way rather than challenge themselves to strive for greatness.

Ultimately, this country will only find its way back to greatness when we, the people, stop looking at the window dressing, stop looking for an entertainer-in-chief, stop looking for who will promise us the most goodies or tell us what we want to hear.  We can only restore our country to greatness when we rally behind a true leader who is qualified to understand complex issues, who is willing to make difficult choices that are best for the nation, and who has the character to earn trust and respect from friends and enemies alike, at home and across the world.

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