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The Obama Legacy: A World Beyond Cynicism

20150715_iranIt really makes you want to scream and cry bang your head against the wall, hoping against hope that you’ll wake from a dystopian nightmare.

The toxic combination of delusion and narcissism that characterizes President Obama and his administration churns through our society like venom as the president trumpets one imagined victory after another and vilifies every critic, all while overseeing the catastrophic disintegration of moral standards, common values, and national security.

By what kind of perverse calculation does the leader of the free world negotiate a hostage release — which should have been part of any treaty from the outset — for the sole purpose of masking the corrosive consequences of that very treaty at the moment of its implementation?  Such contrived deception mixed with political incompetence literally staggers the imagination.

The only thing worse is the chilling reality that the president actually believes that he is making the country and the world safer and better.  Like Jimmy Carter, Mr. Obama will live out his life believing that he was one of the country’s greatest presidents, and he will remain utterly baffled why no one recognizes his greatness.

Read Charles Krauthammer’s dispiriting post-mortem here.


  1. Some of this is so powerfully stated that I am compelled to expropriate the gist of it and spread it around as a cud for sickly minds to chew on.


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