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Profile of Terror

RacialProfilingWhether or not the cause of the EgyptAir disaster turns out to be terrorism — and regardless of whether Donald Trump was right or wrong to call it terrorism before any information was in — that was and is everyone’s first thought in these dangerous times.  We don’t believe in accidents anymore; experience has been too stern a teacher and the lessons of fanaticism have been too painful.

Presumably, such incidents will only make TSA lines move slower and slower.  Which wouldn’t matter if that actually made us safer and safer.

My neighbor told me recently that his son flew to Australia by way of Istanbul and Qatar.  Changing planes in Qatar’s Hamad International Airport, he was ushered through customs without even breaking stride — along with every other Caucasian on his flight — while every single Middle-Easterner was detained, searched, and questioned at length.

Interesting that the Qataris have no qualms about profiling their own people, while here in the open-minded West cling desperately to the illusion that every passenger poses an equal threat to our security.

Is it possible that the Qataris know something we haven’t figured out yet?

If terrorists were dressing up as Orthodox rabbis, I would want TSA to profile me and those who look like me.  Instead of taking it personally, I would be grateful for their common sense and conscientiousness.

But I guess that’s just me.

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