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Political Correctness: the root of all evil


After last week’s wackiness at James Madison University, it’s time to revisit this post from last April.  I fear there will be too many opportunities to do so.

A letter to the future president of the United States:

If you want to fix the country, you can start with the root cause of all that ails our country:

Political Correctness.

The truth is that political correctness is not a new idea at all; it is simply the new label for an old, established moral postulate once accepted by all.

The word civility shares its linguistic root with the word civilization.  It means taking into consideration the comfort of others before expressing what I think or doing what I want.  It means remembering that other people have rights before assert my own.  It means reflecting upon how my actions are going to affect my community and recognizing that I have a responsibility to a society that is more than the sum of autonomous individuals.

So what was wrong with the term civility that the concept needed rebranding as political correctness?  Most likely, it was the connotation of political ideology that spawned this illegitimate offspring of cultural nobility.

Read the whole article here.

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