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Donald Trump has finally gone too far

media-frenzyPerhaps we can forgive the president-elect for his crassness, his coarseness, his ultra-nationalist rhetoric, his mockingly superior tone, and for dragging the electoral process deeper into the mud than anytime in the last century.

But now he has officially gone too far.

Donald Trump has committed the unpardonable sin of not telling the press where he went for dinner last Tuesday evening.

By doing so, reports the Washington Post, Mr. Trump has “dispensed with generations-old traditions and formalities,” adopting a “combative approach to press relations” in a way that shows “he clearly doesn’t respect the media.”

Gee, is this the same media that rallied all its collective forces to discredit Donald Trump as a candidate and convince the country that a humiliating electoral defeat to Hillary Clinton awaited him come November 8?  Might that have something to do with his perceived lack of respect?

But that’s not even the real issue.

More significant is the sense of entitlement the media feels to invade the private lives of every public figure, and the selective metric they apply when they do so.  They grudgingly accord scant airtime and column space to stories that don’t fit their ideological agenda, then cry foul when they’re denied access to the not-yet-president’s family meal and frame the perceived offense as a threat to national security.

If the election results taught us anything, it’s that the media has become so skewed in its reporting that it can’t even trust itself.  Maybe if reporters learn that lesson they’ll find themselves more welcome beside the presidential dinner table.


  1. sara says:

    Loved this piece!


  2. Barbara Goldson says:

    Love this article. Send it to the press.


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