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Of Doors and Windows

When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.


No, I didn’t make that up.  Julie Andrews says it in The Sound of Music.  Half a century later, it may sound trite, but with the drama and trauma of this American election cycle finally behind us, it sure feels appropriate.

With uncharacteristic unity, liberals and conservatives alike long ago attained consensus that the ideological pendulum was never going to swing back again.  The polling data had us all convinced that Hillary Clinton would continue the policies of our Visionary-In-Chief, opening up America’s borders, tearing down real and figurative walls, and redistributing wealth while running up debt toward the 15-figure mark.

Some welcomed this as advancement down the highway to Utopia.  Some lamented it as racing headlong toward the abyss.  But all that’s behind us now.  The door to the past is closed.  Where the window to the future will lead, only time will tell.

Be that as it may, a few thousand years before Julie Andrews, King Solomon offered his own observations about open doors.  With respect to wisdom, he said:

Fortunate is the one who listens for me, attentively waiting by my doors day by day, keeping watch by my doorposts and entryways.  For whoever finds me finds life…

From Solomon’s perspective, when a door closes, it likely means we have to work harder to find a way in.

After all, what is a door?

Click here to read the whole essay, from this month’s issue of The Wagon Magazine.

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