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Scorched-earth redux

1507562276987If you’ve never heard of the Daily Banter, good for you.  Here’s one of its latest headlines:

Trump Is Officially An Illegitimate President-Elect And The Democrats Have To Destroy Him

In a nutshell — or a nutcase — the hyper-hormonal screed asserts that Democrats need to take Republican scorched-earth policies to the next level to save our democratic republic.

Whatever one may think of Donald Trump, the manner of his election, or his adolescent tweeting, he has blunted the onslaught from many of his critics with the measured judgment of his cabinet picks and administrative appointments.

Aside from that, after eight years of partisan sniping, bullying, and obstructionism — from both sides of the aisle — what the country needs and wants is a spirit of cooperation from its lawmakers, not more posturing, bickering, and gridlock.

But here’s the question that really needs answering:

Why is a scandal sheet like the Daily Banter showing up at the top of my Google News feed?

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