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Telling evil from evil

2-22-2017-4-36-28-pmMy home town of St. Louis made headlines across the country last week.  Some of it was bad news; some of it was good news.

And some of it might have been fake news.

The bad news was the travesty of desecration: vandals toppled of 154 headstones in a Jewish cemetery during the night of 21 February.  The Jewish community has far too much history of indignity and intimidation over decades and centuries to not react with horror, anger, and fear.

The good news was the community response.  Citizens of St. Louis from across the religious and political divide came together in an inspiring show of support.  Hundreds showed up last Wednesday to participate in a collective cleanup effort, including Missouri Governor Eric Greitens and Vice President Mike Pence.  A crowd-funding campaign initiated by the Muslim community raised $75,000.  People responded to a profane act of hate with solidarity, compassion, and brotherhood.

But what if they were missing the point?

Read the whole article here.

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