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“No Awareness” Zone?

From Stuff.co.nz:

d0cd9a299025b637399ded0a978a5623“A Belgian city has come up with a solution to the problem of pedestrians bumping into other people while sending text messages from their mobile phones.

“Antwerp has given smartphone users their own designated lanes, where they can walk while texting or looking at their mobiles without irritating or endangering others.

“The narrow corridors are marked “text walking lane” in English on a number of busy pedestrian shopping streets in the city centre.

“Negotiating the corners is likely to remain challenging for people whose eyes are glued to their phone screens.”

Philadelphia did this last April Fool’s Day as a joke.  When life imitates art, should we laugh or cry?

The question answers itself:  is there really anything funny about people too preoccupied to watch where they’re going who need the government to step in and protect them from themselves?

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