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Fox and Hounds: A Debate for our Time

Quotation-Harry-S-Truman-inspiration-Meetville-Quotes-115826More than 1500 years ago, the Talmud predicted an era in which the generation would have “the face of a dog.”

Dogs walk out in front of their owners, creating the appearance that they are leading the way.  But a sharp pull on the leash and the dog falls into line, surrendering its will to the will of its master.

Could there be a more accurate description of modern leadership, where our “leaders” look to polls and constituencies before tailoring their message and their policies to fit what is popular and what will keep them in office?

It seems to work, despite the irony that public approval of our public officials continues to plummet.  Like the family pet, too many of us are happy enough if we have food, a place to sleep, and masters who tell us how much they love us.

Others are disgusted by the implosion of the system, so much so that they are willing to embrace a self-promoting egomaniac with no redeeming qualities except the one that might matter most:  a willingness to say what he really thinks.

This is where things will stand tonight as Fox News hosts the first Republican debate.  Maybe a true leader will rise up out of the melee.  But for now, all we hear is a lot of barking.

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