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The Ostrich Mentality

la-fg-israel-palestinians-stabbing-attack-2015-001More unprovoked murders today in Israel: this time the victims included men in the act of prayer.

The approach taken by the Obama administration and much of European leadership, differentiating between terrorism and Islam so not to further alienate the Muslim world, might sound plausible.  But the incontrovertible evidence from Paris, Beirut, and Tel Aviv is that it’s not working.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali makes a case no thinking person can refute.

But, of course, that’s the point:  people aren’t thinking; they’re feeling.  If only the rich and powerful Western nations would humble themselves before the oppressed peoples of the third world, then there would be peace.  If only the intransigent Israelis would stop their illegal occupation, then there would be peace.  If only the culture of white supremacy in America would confess and atone for its evil ways, then there would be peace.

From the United Nations to the European Union to the White House to many of the elite universities around the country, Utopian ideologues bury their heads in the sand and ignore reality so they can persist in their chants of kumbaya and we are the world, reaching out to embrace people who want nothing but to watch the world burn.

In every aspect of our lives we are becoming more confused:  we alienate our friends while we appease enemies who want to kill us; we disdain the blessings we have while chasing shadows in pursuit of happiness; we preach tolerance while attempting to silence all who disagree with us; we dream of a perfect world while we stand idly by and let madmen tear down the world our fathers and grandfathers worked so hard to build.

The chaos of our times didn’t start this week in Paris.  It won’t end there, either, unless we open our eyes and start confronting the moral anarchy that is eating away at the heart of civilization.

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