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Right on the Left

To quote one of history’s most conflicted figures, let me be perfectly clear:

I am no fan of Bill Maher. And that is precisely the point.

No doubt he would deny it to the death, but the toxic talk show host has much in common with his own favorite target of righteous condemnation, Donald Trump.

Mr. Maher is arrogant, opinionated, abrasive, belittling, ill-informed about positions he opposes, and indifferent to nuance. He subscribes to a black-and-white worldview that disdains and denigrates anyone with whom he disagrees. For him, there are only two ways to look at the world: his way and the way of morons.

If the online quotes attributed to him are accurate, Bill Maher defines faith as the purposeful suspension of critical thinking – implying that there is no such thing as reasoned belief and that only the religious suffer from self-delusion.


Equates the 9/11 terrorists with churchgoers

Calls religion a neurological disorder

Fails to recognize that political dogma on both sides of the aisle can be as virulent as the most zealous religious dogma.

So what is my point? Simply this: however much I may despise the man and virtually everything he believes, it’s only fair to acknowledge when he’s right.

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